Spanish replicas of submachine guns are high quality products that are sure to interest those who collect classic pepesha, which were the primary armament of the Red Army in 1941. Offered by our online store replicas of machine guns, have installed a free lock, which after pulling the slide in the rear position, allows you to shoot the so-called dry fire. In addition, these products are distinguished by a removable drum magazine.

Replicas of machine guns – a treat for fans of militaria

The replicas of WWII submachine guns, which are consistent with the originals, can be a great idea for a gift for those interested in militaries and collecting such products in the comfort of their homes. Designed and manufactured in Spanish manufactories, Pepesha are iconic replicas of machine guns, which are known from many series and movies about World War II, including the series Four Armored and a Dog.

Original replica machine guns – classic WWII pepesha

Made with attention to every detail, even the smallest pepesha, are replicas of machine guns, created from zinc and aluminum alloy, combined with high quality wooden elements, effectively protected against the risk of mechanical damage resulting from the use of these products. Our replica machine guns are equipped with risers of appropriate width, made of durable material in dark green color.

Replica machine guns – excellent products for collectors!