Magnificent products for the weapon collector, which are the Polish officer sabres are luxurious replicas, distinguished by perfect workmanship. These products are available with a hanging tabloid or a stand in a set.

These exclusive replicas of white arms can enrich the collection of people who are professionally connected with military service or who are passionate about militaries. It is a perfect gift idea for a connoisseur of this type of products. An original-looking replica of sabres, used by the Hussars or the French Cavalry, will surely surprise positively every person who receives it.

Polish officer’s sabres – replicas of cavalrymen’s white arms

A unique gift for a veteran or a soldier in active service can be a Polish combat sabre, the so-called Ludwikówka. It is distinguished by an etched inscription, placed on the external hilt. It is an exquisitely crafted replica of a white weapon, carried by General Rydz Śmigły. This replica of the battle sabre with a hanging tabloid, has a head made of non-hardened steel with a semi-matt finish, which increases its aesthetic value.

Elegant replica sabre with scabbard and with stand

Collectors of white arms may also be interested in a great product, which is a Polish sabre with scabbard and a smooth blade. It is an extraordinary product, which is available on a stand made of high quality wood in wenge colour. The replica sabre with scabbard can be inscribed with a dedication, which makes it a personalized product. It is a luxury gift with the so-called cutlass.
Elegant replicas of white arms are products attracting attention with their perfect workmanship. High-quality steel in a semi-matt version was used to manufacture them.